Ontario – Sarnia - Bowls Skate Park

GPS: 42.98079, -82.39984

124 Napier St, Sarnia, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes (Parking in street)

Park Lights: No

This is one of Ontario’s older, and more unusual parks. The layout could better be described as a bowl and some mounds, this one is a little out of the way, but if you find yourself in the Sarnia area it can still be fun. Consisting of a shallow bowl surrounded by mellow bank like transitions, lined by a sub rail on one side, some tech lines can be found in this thing. The concrete mounts are really too large to be used as hips, and without any proper run-up or run away they are unusual to session.

Located in the park on Maxwell St., Napier St. and Elgin St., this park will be clearly visible from these streets. The only parking available on this one is along the streets. These parking spaces can fill up, so be prepared for a little bit of a roll/walk to the park.


Chatham-Kent Skate Park – 1 Hr 13 minutes

Strathroy Skate Spot – 1 Hr 26 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Sarnia

Feature Finder Key: older park, bowl, transition, flatbank, flat bank, hip, hips, subrail, sub rail