Ontario – Chatham Kent

GPS: 42.40175, -82.205

1435 Courthouse Ln Chatham, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: No

Park Lights: No

Chatham-Kent’s skate park forms a T-shape of skate plaza fun. With a wide variety of ledges, pyramids, rails and a quarter running along the outside edge, there are some fun lines to be had. This park can get a little hectic when the park is busier, as most of the lines tend to cross over each other.

Located in a grass field on the corner of Grand Ave. and Courthouse Lane. Parking for this one is tricky as there is no parking lot immediately beside the park, the best option is to park in the lot by the courthouse and walk over. Be mindful of parking restrictions and observe the rules.


Wallaceburg Skate Spot – 26 minutes

Tecumseh Park – 52 minutes

St. Thomas Railside – 1 Hr 14 minutes

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Feature Finder Key: plaza, street, block ledge, stepped ledge, bank wall, wedge, quarter to bank