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Welcome Everyone,

The concept for Session Atlas was to take an entirely new approach to the skate park list, to build upon and create a new and more advanced option. Using drones, gimbals and aerial imaging technology to better show park layouts, we can now give you a more true to life sample of what a park looks like.

It is totally true, there are dozens of other skate park lists and websites out there, the idea is nothing new. The problem has always been with their content. It’s no fault to the older sites, as they set out to create something with the most noble intentions. They create a list of skate parks for people to find… Session Atlas does that, in a better and more accurate way. The issue with the older sites was how they displayed parks, often using little or no photo content to support the information. When there was an image it was usually a low-resolution phone photo taken from one side of the park, or at times a screen shot of a Google Satellite image.

The problem with low quality content is that it doesn’t give you a true sense of the featured park’s layout. It doesn’t show the position and scale of ramps, or how the park could flow. Session Atlas steps in and provides detailed and comprehensive videos, shot by drone and gimbal, literally flying through the park in the lines that people use. It’s almost like a virtual Pro-Walk of a park without ever being there. In addition to the videos are high quality photos, directions, maps and recommendations.

Beyond the physical content, Session Atlas takes it a step further. Each park is listed by location, alphabetically, with a designate page for each Park Profile. Inside that page are the video, photo gallery, park info, directions, maps, and quite possibly the most useful feature: “Close Parks.” Each Park Profile page also lists the next 5-6 closest parks so that you can session a few new parks in a single day. If you show up at a park and it’s too busy, or maybe not what you were looking for, scroll down and see what else is in the area. It is surprising how many skate parks are grouped closely together.

In addition to the park profiles, we wanted to offer some useful and fun features via the Day-Sessions list, and the Feature Finder. Day-Sessions functions as a recommended road trip list, profiling different options for road trips, enabling you to hit several parks in a single day. The Feature Finder allows users to search through the list of parks by the feature that they want to session. Looking for a bowl with pool coping? Search pool coping to see a list of parks with that feature. The Feature Finder can help you refine the list of what you want to session.

The overall goal of Session Atlas is to help people to discover and locate new parks, then plan sessions and road trips with friends. Explore the list and I guarantee you will be surprised by the shear scale of what’s out there. Explore, discover and Find Your Next Session.

- Justen Soule, Session Atlas Founder