BC – Peachland Skate Park

GPS: 49.78346, -119.71957

14 St, Peachland, BC

Type: Concrete

Parking: No

Park Lights: No

Peachland's skate park offers a small but fun layout of plaza based obstacles capped off by a half bowl with two hips on each side. This park makes great use of space keeping the speed through the lines. This one is a great stop if you find yourself travelling between Penticton and Kelowna. This park is a stop on the Day-Sessions: Penticton Loop

Located right off of the Okanagan Hwy / Hwy 97 in Lambly Park, this one is a little tricky to access as there’s no parking immediately off of the highway. Your best option is to get into the park via 14th St with the pathway midway through the street.


West Kelowna Park – 10 minutes

Penticton Skate Park – 25 minutes

Kelowna Ben Lee Park – 35 minutes

Session Atlas - BC - Peachland

Feature Finder Key: bowl, half bowl, hip, plaza, transition wedge, a frame, aframe, a-frame