Ontario – Marysville - Tyendinaga PArk

GPS: 44.18981, -77.12053

1886 York Rd, Marysville, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No

This is one of the lesser-known parks in Eastern Ontario. It’s one of those that people have seen images of, but either couldn’t find, or didn’t know the name of the place. It goes by several names: Tyendinaga, Shannonville, Marysville. Luckily it is located just slightly east of Belleville, and is easy to reach from the 401. This concrete park is truly unique, with some unusual setups, the giant dish, and some strange hips. Some of the transitions and banks can be a little bumpy in areas, but it’s a ton of fun. This park is one of the locations on the Day-Sessions: Belleville Loop.

Located next to the Mohawk community centre off of York Rd. There is large dirt parking lot located next to the skate park accessible from York Rd.


Picton Prince Edward Park – 18 minutes

Napanee Park – 19 minutes

Belleville Skate Park – 25 minutes

Trenton Skate Park – 37 minutes

Kingston Shannon Park – 40 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Tyendinaga

Feature Finder Key: plaza, stair set, sets, wedge, dish, satellite dish, hip lines, bowl corner, transition