Ontario – Toronto - Ashbridges

GPS: 43.66257, -79.31595

1313 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: No

Park Lights: No

Toronto’s largest park is located just east of the downtown core. This large concrete option offers a huge plaza with multiple lines, ledges, flat banks, concrete barriers, stair gaps, and even a fun small thin transition. Located up on the hillside of the park is the super deep kidney bowl. This park can be reached with an easy roll from downtown heading east on Lakeshore. This park is a stop on the Day-Sessions: Toronto Loop.

Located in Ashbridges Bay off of Lakeshore, this park has no parking options, park nearby and walk/roll over.


Toronto Underpass Park – 7 minutes

Toronto East York – 10 minutes

Etobicoke 8th St. Skate Park – 17 minutes

Toronto Ellesmere Park – 18 minutes

Toronto Cummer Skate Park – 21 minutes

Scarborough Port Union Park – 26 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Toronto Ashbridges

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