Ontario – St Thomas - Railside

GPS: 42.7776, -81.17887

75 Caso Crossing, St. Thomas, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No

One of the newer parks in Ontario, this one was completed and opened late 2017. It follows the route of the cities’ original rail lines, taking the name Railside. They have incorporated the railway tracks as a feature of the park, with lines marked through the length of the park. This one can be a little bit slippery at times, but is a fun stop. It offers everything from large flat bank pyramids, to a half bowl, coping-less hip, to the more traditional rails and ledges. If you’re rolling along the 401 through London, this park can be worth a trip south. This park is a stop on the Day-Sessions London Loop.

Located in the new park beside St. Thomas Tinken Community Centre on Casso Crossing. The park has parking beside the Community Centre, and has bathrooms available during business hours. This park is also located beside a plaza with multiple restaurant options and a grocery store.


London Basil Grover Skate Spot – 22 minutes

London Kiwanis Park – 23 minutes

London Wolseley Barracks – 28 minutes

London Medway Bowl – 30 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - St. Thomas Railside

Feature Finder Key: plaza, bown, half bowl, transition, spine, spine ledge, transition ledge flat bank, pyramid