Ontario – Picton - Prince Edward County Park

GPS: 44.01436, -77.13763

375 Picton Main St, Picton, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: Yes (Lights only cover some areas of the park)

It is awesome to see a town that is truly proud of their skate park. Picton is a great example, putting their park as a main staple feature of their fairground, right downtown for all to see. The park features a creative design with an incredible bowl, surrounded by Pac Man themed plaza options. The bowl is a little on the shallow side, but has so many hips and lines that it easily makes up for it. The plaza surrounding the bowl offers a great selection of ledges, many pads and a large wedge and satellite design. The park also features the Pac Man head, which is a rotating many pad that can spin 360 degrees.  This park is a stop on the Day-Sessions: Belleville Loop

Located right downtown next to the Prince Edward Community Centre, the park can be easily accessed from Picton Main St. with parking lots surrounding the parks. There are bathrooms available and as added safety bonus the Picton Hospital is located next door.


Marysville Tyendinaga Skate Park – 19 minutes

Belleville Rotary Park – 34 minutes

Trenton Park – 43 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Picton

Feature Finder Key: bowl, transition, spine, double coping spine, hip, plaza, manny pad, many pad, pac man, pacman, spinning pad, curved ledge