Ontario – Keswick Skate Park

GPS: 44.24215, -79.45107

90 Wexford Dr, Georgina, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No

Located north of Toronto on the edge of Lake Simcoe, this concrete park offers a great mix of transition and street based plaza. The bowl has a good flow and a sub rail option, while the plaza offers a mix of ledge and rail based pyramid features. This park is a stop on the Day-Sessions: Cannington Park Loop.

The park is located next to the Keswick Public Library and Georgina Ice Palace. There is parking immediately beside the park that is accessible off of Wexford Dr. Drive around behind the arena; the park will be located on the opposite side of the arena.


Sutton Skate Park – 11 minutes

Aurora Skate Park – 24 minutes

Uxbridge Skate Park – 34 minutes

Cannington Skate Park – 38 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Keswick

Feature Finder Key: bowl, transition, hip, sub rail, plaza