Ontario – Huntsville

GPS: 45.34134, -79.23867

246-300 Williams St, Huntsville, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No

Located in the Muskokas, this large and fun concrete park is a fun one, and is a must session if you’re in the region. Featuring a large and looped plaza consisting of various sized pyramids, ledges, hubbas and rails, the park is capped off by a fun concrete bowl. The Huntsville park is part of the Day-Sessions: Muskoka Loop.

The park can be found in the McCulley Robertson Sports Complex off of Highway 211/11. The park is located off of William St., parking can be found in the lot to the northeast edge of the park.


Bracebridge Skate Park – 28 minutes

Gravenhurst Skate Park – 39 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Huntsville

Feature Finder Key: bowl, transition, plaza, street, curved ledge, c ledge, c-ledge, hip, hips