Ontario – Cannington

GPS: 44.34745, -79.03089

95 Elliot St, Cannington, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No

Cannington is an incredible gem in the skate park list, and is a prime example of the small towns doing right by park construction. The fun thing about Cannington is that it’s totally unique, yet it flows and works. There are features in this one that you will find nowhere else, which always leads to a fun time. A plaza full of rollers, rails and ledges, combined with a half bowl, roller, pyramid setup, almost everyone has a different take on this one. Located north east of Toronto, Cannington is a little remote, but well worth a trip, allowing you to hit several other parks along the way.

The park is located in a field behind the Rick MacLeish Memorial Community Centre; this one can be a little tricky to find. Drive past the old park (don’t let the small wooden ramps trick you into thinking you’ve arrived) and around behind the large buildings. Park in the large dirt lot and walk up the grass hill.


Sutton Skate Park – 28 minutes

Uxbridge Skate Park – 31 minutes

Peterborough West 49 Park – 57 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Cannington

Feature Finder Key: plaza, street, unusual, rollers, wedge, transition walls, curved ledge, cledge, c-ledge, double coping spine, spine, wedge