Ontario – Brantford - Brant's Crossing

GPS: 43.13678, -80.26736

150 Icomm Dr, Brantford, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: No

Parks Lights: No

Located in downtown Brantford beside the casino, this park is a take on the circular plaza approach. A lot of circular parks don’t end up working as most of the lines cross each other meaning only one or two people can use the park at once. Fortunately Brantford’s setup works well with different sections divided by planters. The plaza offers a few different lines with ledges, rails, and pyramids along with a mini ramp in the lower area.

Wedged in the park besides the Casino and Grand River, parking is available in the large Casino lots, with a short walk to the park. The park is also accessible form the Dike Trail footbridge should want to park on the other side of the river and avoid the Casino scene.


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