Ontario – Bowmanville

GPS: 43.91289, -78.70518

2440 Durham Regional Hwy 2, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K2

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No

Pretty sure that Bowmanville’s park was built by a company that had never seen a skate park before. It’s… Different… Bowmanville might not be the greatest park ever, however it’s different and puzzling in a fun way. There are things that you won’t find anywhere else. Difficult and weird to session can be fun, so this one doesn't make for your average run-of-the-mill session. I wouldn’t make a special trip for this park, but fortunately it’s close to several others in the area.

Located in Garnett B. Rickard Recreation Complex, the park is in the grassy field to the north of the parking lot. Plenty of parking available and bathrooms open during business hours.


Courtice Skate Park – 9 minutes

Whitby Iroquois – 19 minutes

Ajax ARC – 24 minutes

Whitby McKinney – 26 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Bowmanville

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