QUEBEC – Boucherville Skate Park

GPS: 45.60449, -73.44551

540 Chemin du Lac, Boucherville, QC

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: Yes

Despite the local government listing this one as a “Roller Skating Club” this park is anything but that. With a mixture of wild transitions, steep banks and rails, combined with a newer section that added a mini ramp and plaza option, this park has a fun mixture of something for everyone.

Located In Parc Pierre-Laporte this roller skating club… It can be found off of Hwy RTE 132 on Chemin du Lac next to the football field. Parking is located off of Chemin du Lac a short walk from the skate park.


Montreal Plaza – 14 minutes

Montreal Parc-Arthur-Therrien – 24 minutes

Session Atlas - Quebec - Boucherville

Feature Finder Key: bowl, plaza, mini, mini ramp, steep transition, pyramid, wedge, curved ledge, c ledge, cledge, quarter to bank