Ontario – Barrie - Queens Park Skate Park

GPS: 44.38913, -79.69585

21 Park St., Barrie, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: Yes

Park Lights: No (limited lighting)

Barrie’s park is one of the older options on the Ontario list, and while the newer larger parks offer cookie cutter perfection, you still have to respect some of the older crusty parks. Barrie is one of those, with some unique setups that you won’t find anywhere else. With a mixture of plaza style pyramids, transition, and one of the wildest curved C ledges that you’ll find anywhere, this older park can still be quite fun. If you find yourself rolling through the area while heading to the Muskokas or south towards Toronto, this one can be a fun stop. Barrie is also located close to several other parks, and is on the Day-Session list: “Muskoka Run.”

Located in Queens Park beside the Barrie Armoury, there is parking on the west edge of Queens Park on Parkside Dr., a short walk away.


Orillia Skate Park – 27 minutes

Granvenhurst Skate Park – 52 minutes

Keswick Georgina Park – 57 minutes

Bracebridge Skate Park – 1 Hr 6 minutes

Huntsville Skate Park – 1 Hr 22 minutes

Session Atlas - Ontario - Barrie

Feature Finder Key: old style park, cledge, c-ledge, pyramid, flatbank, crusty, hip, transition, plaza