Ontario – Barrhaven - Berrigan Park

GPS: 45.27571, -75.74729

51 Berrigan Dr, Nepean, ON

Type: Concrete

Parking: No

Park Lights: No

One of the newer parks in the Ottawa area, this bowl-like park has a few fun lines. The majority of the parks’ lines focus on transition with various quarters, extensions, hips and a bowled off outer edge. There are a couple ledges and flat bank/pyramids on the outer edge of the park. There are several other fun parks in the greater Ottawa area, and this one holds its own on the list. Barrhaven Berrigan is a portion of the Day-Session: “Ottawa Loop”

Located on Berrigan Dr. beside Ottawa Fire station 44, this park has no parking available, which means you’ll need to get creative and park a block or two away and trek over.


Ottawa Legacy – 13 minutes

Ottawa McNabb – 22 minutes

Ottawa Richcraft – 23 minutes

Kanata Skate Park – 24 minutes

Gatineau Aylmer Grind – 33 minutes

Gatineau Plateau – 36 minutes


Session Atlas - Ontario - Barrhaven Berrigan

Feature Finder Key: bowl, flatbank, hip, flat bank, hip, ledge, doorway, door cut out